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Sink Faucet Washer

Sink Faucet Washer

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Fastest way to clean your glass at home!

Multi-angle water outlet cleaning head realizes multi-angle spray hole washing and effectively wash your cup, saving time and effort, convenient and practical.

Cleaning glasses and cups can challenging, especially if you can’t reach every corner using your hands. But that doesn’t have to worry you anymore! Our Sink Faucet Washer comes in handy to keep your cups, bottles & glasses clean in just a few seconds.

Rinse Every Corner Thoroughly

The best thing about this cup rinser is that it provides high-pressure water jets that reach corners where you can’t, flushing out the sticky leftovers instantly. 

Easy to Use 

Just turn the cup mouth down, press the bottom of the cup, and automatically spray water to rinse. After cleaning, take out the cup and stop spraying water automatically.

How To Set Up

  1. Turn Off Water To The Sink
  2. Attach Tee Connector To Pipe 
  3. Attach Sink & Included Water Pipe 
  4. Run Water Pipe To Cup Rinser


Size: 7.5x 9x 1.2 cm / 6.9 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Package Includes:


1 x Tee Connector

1 x Water Connection Pipe 

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